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We are a crypto marketing company with a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency. We work with crypto, DeFi, NFT, and P2E projects to help them go to market and drive growth.

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It’s time to take your project’s adoption to a new level with crypto advertising. We’re a team of crypto marketers that combine the best of crypto with digital marketing.









Crypto Growth Marketing

Promote your crypto project, the right way.

Our blockchain marketing agency uses engaging and well-researched content, PR, advertisements, and social media marketing. Whether it’s for a brand new launch or an existing project, get eyes on your project from the biggest crypto news outlets and influencers now!

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Merging the World of Crypto & Digital Marketing

Tokency: A Premier Crypto Marketing Agency

By working with Tokency, you get direct collaboration and support from a skilled blockchain marketing agency that “gets” crypto. The fast-changing crypto market calls for constant adaptation. Here’s how we can help your project drive growth with our blockchain advertising approach:

Action Plan

A carefully crafted marketing plan is crucial for the success of your crypto project. We listen to your project’s unique needs and create an actionable marketing plan based on your goals.

Strategic Execution

We strategically execute the marketing plan outlined for your crypto project. Our team works as a unit to ensure that all objectives and growth targets are met.

Communication & Support

We communicate with our clients constantly during their marketing campaigns and make the necessary adjustments to ensure growth targets are met.

Start Your Journey

Let us help you create your customized go-to-market strategy. Reach the presence and adoption your project deserves with our crypto marketing agency.

What Our Customers Say


At Tokency, we strive to not only meet, but surpass your expectations – and we deliver every time. Have a look at what our clients have to say about our crypto marketing agency.

They were able to rank our website (DEX) for dozens of keywords on Google. We got a huge influx of users through organic traffic and are still growing today. Our team is really satisfied with Tokency. They're definitely one of the best crypto marketing agencies we've worked with.

Jonathan Hester

Our project was growing at a rapid pace and we desperately needed community management in our Discord. Tokency was able to provide us with 2 stellar community managers that knew exactly what they were doing, very quickly. Native English speakers too. Very impressed!

Boris Cottrell

We originally hopped on a call with them to discuss growth opportunities for our project. Based on the questions we were asked, we quickly noticed our marketing plan was not well thought out. Tokency rectified that by delivering a stellar marketing strategy document to our CMO. Great work!

Esme-Rose Rich

Tried out Tokency's influencer marketing services and I was really satisfied with the results. They were able to connect me with renowned figures in the space and they took a hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for influencers.

Scott Churchill

    Our Track Record

    You can rest assured you and your crypto brand are in good hands. We’re partnered and certified to work with the top paid media and search providers to bring your crypto product world-class results.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have the answers to your crypto marketing questions.

    Crypto marketing refers to the use of digital marketing for cryptocurrency including crypto SEO, paid media, influencer marketing, and crypto community management to gain attention and drive adoption for your crypto project, NFT, token, or P2E game.

    Using our crypto marketing services, we can help promote your project with engaging and high-quality content, PR, advertisements, and more.

    As a cryptocurrency marketing agency, we offer a variety of services depending on your project and your needs at its current stage of growth. We offer crypto influencer marketing for many types of projects so we can bring “viral” attention from key partners, influencers, and affiliates to your project.

    We also offer SEO to get your project visibility and rankings optimized for highly targeted search results. Tokency can even take over all your project's Web3 marketing needs so you can focus your time on what moves the needle.

    Lastly, we offer NFT marketing services, as well as growth and promotion services for P2E games and DeFi projects that need to attract specialized sets of users.

    If you’ve just launched an NFT or a DeFi protocol, you need eyeballs and attention from users to bring liquidity and usage to the project. More attention begets more attention. That’s where we come in.

    We can tap into our team’s years of skilled experience in digital marketing and building brands to get you the attention you need as part of a comprehensive crypto marketing strategy. Whether it’s tapping into our influencer network to make your NFT project or token go viral on Instagram or Twitter, or taking over your Twitter management, we’re a crypto-native blockchain marketing agency, and we can handle it.

    If you have a new token offering, DeFi protocol launch, new NFT launch, or P2E game, our DeFi marketing agency can help you drive viral attention from several key avenues such as influencers, SEO, and more.

    Whether you’re after more users, investors, community or social engagement, we’re the crypto marketing agency that can help you increase growth across these areas.

    Traditional marketing agencies don’t get crypto. Crypto companies are focused on building, not marketing. That’s why you need a blockchain marketing company. Crypto is a fast-changing industry that requires a high degree of adaptability and knowledge of its unique users.

    We know the Crypto Twitter lingo and we know what different projects need to grow. Plus, we’re tapped into crypto-specific influencers and our P2E marketing company has helped launch several crypto and play-to-earn projects successfully. We’ve also been able to get tokens the attention and virality they need with our cryptocurrency promotion service.

    We’re not a one size fits all crypto marketing agency. We leverage our crypto knowledge and digital marketing skills to create a customized solution for your project.

    This involves specialized and well-researched content to get you the brand exposure and adoption your project needs. During our process of working together, consider us your strategic partners. When you win, we win.

    We create a custom plan for all of our clients. Cookie-cutter plans don’t work well for the large variety of projects in the crypto industry. For example, an NFT project would need a very different marketing plan than an ICO, DEX, or P2E game aiming to grow its user base. Book a call with us and we can figure out exactly what you need.

    Tokency is a cryptocurrency marketing agency. We’re passionate about using our digital marketing knowledge to support builders in the crypto ecosystem. We want to help you go to market and drive adoption for your project as strategic partners to create a win-win relationship.

    Turnaround time depends on the exact scope of services your project needs. We make sure to create a customized and actionable marketing plan instead of a one size fits all approach. Schedule an appointment to get an accurate quote and time estimate.

    If you’re ready to drive growth to your crypto or blockchain project, contact us today and let's talk about how Tokency can help you achieve the results you're looking for.