Crypto Community Management, Growth & Marketing

Your go-to crypto community manager. Build an engaged and vibrant community for your crypto project.

Growth Strategy

We provide you with the right crypto community growth strategy to build an active and engaged community for your project.

Platform Setup

We help you set up your crypto project’s community platforms the right way on Discord or Telegram, based on your needs.

Community Moderation

Our experienced and vetted community managers moderate questions and interactions from your users.

Community Building

We focus on facilitating good conversation and healthy engagement so your community practically builds itself.

Our Expertise

Experienced Crypto Community Management

A well-run community is an investment in attracting serious users and investors to your project. Our community managers facilitate healthy engagement and conversation, handle concerns and questions, and give your users peace of mind to further legitimize your project and build referrals.

With their vast networking and management expertise, you can trust our skilled crypto community managers to keep your users’ experience efficient and professional, so you and your team can focus on building.

Why Is Crypto Community Management Important for Your Project?

Crypto community managers help your project gain trust and legitimacy on the platforms where your users and investors share their questions, concerns, and excitement. Proper Telegram community management & Discord community management also streamlines governance for your project.

Telegram has over 700 million monthly active users.

Telegram has always been the definitive way to communicate for crypto communities. Over 1 million new users sign up for Telegram every month. Harness the power of our community managers for your project’s Telegram.

Discord boasts over 300 million registered users.

Discord hosts crypto communities and DAOs with larger amounts of registrants and results in more active participation rates. It makes for an organized community experience.

Did you know?

Combining community management with our crypto influencer agency services can be incredibly lucrative for your project. A holistic approach is always the better option.

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Tokency offers a suite of Web3 marketing solutions, such as DeFi social media marketing and NFT influencer marketing. Learn more about how we can help raise funds for your project.

A Deeper Dive

Cryptocurrency Community Management Services

Boost Activity

Our community managers boost participation and activity by fostering healthy discussion and conversation.

Increase Involvement

Liven up your community and increase user involvement with our crypto community management team.

Build A Culture

Our team adapts to your community's needs and develops relationships that contribute to your project's overall culture.


We take care of nurturing your crypto community with our processes, infrastructure, and enthusiastic support for users.


Our community managers moderate spam and trolls to limit uncertainty and false information and instead boost confidence in your project.


Our team keeps a constant flow of communication with you to report on community sentiment and situations.

Why Choose Tokency?

Your Go-To Crypto Community Management Agency

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love the crypto community management services we have to offer.

Non-binding month-to-month contracts

We're confident you'll be happy with Tokency, which is why we don’t lock you into a contract. Cancel whenever.

Community building focused

We focus on cultivating an engaged and vibrant community for your crypto or blockchain project across multiple channels.

Regular communication and check-ins

We offer monthly video conference calls to provide detailed results analysis and discuss gaps & opportunities to capitalize on.

Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on making our processes clear and transparent. You can trust us to get the results your crypto company needs.

Actionable insights

We aim to provide you with insights that drive real action for what matters most - growth for your crypto product.

Let’s grow your community.

Experience the power of having an engaged community of users. Your members and investors will feel supported and at home with a professional and welcoming experience free of spam.

By hiring the right crypto community managers, your project can access referrals, new levels of growth, and greater authority in the marketplace.

How We Can Help You

Crypto Social Media Marketing & Management

Learn how our crypto social media marketing and management services can boost your community across Twitter, Instagram, and more platforms.

Boost Twitter Presence

Twitter remains a crypto stronghold and forms the basis of crypto community growth. An improved Twitter presence is important in creating an aligned & niche audience of users and investors.

Boost Instagram Presence

With the right content strategy, Instagram can further help your project attract a wider, mainstream audience of users beyond Crypto Twitter.

Regular Updates

Crypto communities feed on updates and discussion. Our crypto social media managers publish regular posts to grow and nurture your audience.

Authentic Representation

Our crypto social media marketing services are aligned with your brand’s mission, values, and vision.

Build Your Brand

Your project’s brand image can be significantly boosted by the right content strategy across social media platforms.

Need a go-to market strategy?

Our Web3 marketing agency can help your project gain momentum by crafting a tailored cryptocurrency marketing strategy.

Ready to Hire Crypto Social Media Managers?

If you’re ready for your project’s crypto community growth to reach new heights with our suite of cryptocurrency social media marketing services, you’ve come to the right place.

Twitter saw a 242% rise in cryptocurrency and NFT discussions in 2021-2022

These new trends are grasping for user attention and bringing more excited investors to crypto.

Twitter users are 3.2X more likely to invest in cryptocurrency than non-Twitter users

It pays to spend attention and resources on Twitter growth to attract an engaged community of investors and users to your project.

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Our P2E marketing services can help you generate demand and raise funds for your game. Learn more about how we can help grow your playerbase.

What Our Customers Say


At Tokency, we strive to not only meet, but surpass your expectations – and we deliver every time. Have a look at what our clients have to say about our crypto marketing agency.

They were able to rank our website (DEX) for dozens of keywords on Google. We got a huge influx of users through organic traffic and are still growing today. Our team is really satisfied with Tokency. They're definitely one of the best crypto marketing agencies we've worked with.

Jonathan Hester

Our project was growing at a rapid pace and we desperately needed community management in our Discord. Tokency was able to provide us with 2 stellar community managers that knew exactly what they were doing, very quickly. Native English speakers too. Very impressed!

Boris Cottrell

We originally hopped on a call with them to discuss growth opportunities for our project. Based on the questions we were asked, we quickly noticed our marketing plan was not well thought out. Tokency rectified that by delivering a stellar marketing strategy document to our CMO. Great work!

Esme-Rose Rich

Tried out Tokency's influencer marketing services and I was really satisfied with the results. They were able to connect me with renowned figures in the space and they took a hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for influencers.

Scott Churchill

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    You can rest assured you and your crypto brand are in good hands. We’re partnered and certified to work with the top paid media and search providers to bring your crypto product world-class results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Community management focuses on boosting healthy and engaged activity in your crypto community by moderating discussion and spam, nurturing user and investor involvement, and cultivating your crypto project’s community to build a culture for your project.

    This provides users with a greater degree of trust and legitimacy in your project and brand.

    Investing in professional community management for your project can significantly boost your efforts to build an engaged and vibrant community for your project.

    This can help your project build referrals of more users, build authority in the marketplace, and most of all, keep your existing users happy, engaged, and continuing to use or invest in your product.

    Yes, you can, but it’s better and more efficient to hire an agency that specializes in crypto community management to streamline your focus and time on moving your project forward.

    We have the right processes, tested formulas, and the existing infrastructure of crypto community managers to plug into your project. This ensures your audience stays engaged and growing, so you can focus elsewhere without worrying about community management.

    No, community management deals with the management and interaction in your Discord, Telegram, and other chat-based community platforms. Social media management deals with your social presence on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram which is also important in crypto for your project’s user growth.

    Both sets of services reach crypto audiences, but your most engaged users and investors are active in your project Discord and Telegram, and as such, they need proper guidance and management.

    Yes, we offer social media management as well for crypto community building. We can help your project’s Twitter and other social media channels grow via strategic content creation. We also offer other services, such as cryptocurrency SEO, influencer marketing, and more.

    We’re not a one size fits all crypto community management agency. Our community management services are tailored to your project's specific needs. We leverage our network of trained and vetted cryptocurrency community managers for your project’s Discord or Telegram.

    These managers are well-versed in interacting with your users and handling concerns or questions while combating spam and false information to make your community experience as professional as possible.

    Looking to take your project to new heights? Tokency is your go-to blockchain marketing agency.

    Crypto community management is tailored to each project’s unique community and presence. As a high-quality crypto community management agency, we provide customized services to fit your project and company’s strategic goals, vision, and needs. Book a call today so we can create a custom package for your project.

    Yes, our cryptocurrency community managers speak and write in fluent English as their primary language. They are proficient in English to be able to communicate with your users on an as-needed basis.

    No, we work with non-binding month-to-month contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re satisfied with the results as a crypto community management company. You are not locked into a longer-term contract and can choose to opt out or leave whenever.

    If you’re ready to work with a crypto community management agency, schedule a call with us to get started.