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The premiere DeFi marketing agency to propel your project to greater adoption.

Create a DeFi Marketing Plan

Position yourself uniquely in the noisy DeFi space with a tailor-made DeFi marketing plan.

Advertise & Generate Hype

Expert paid advertising combined with DeFi influencer marketing ensures your project’s success.

Build a Robust Community

Build a community of serious, active users so your project’s TVL and adoption grows to new heights.

Build Brand Awareness

Cement your DeFi project into a blue chip by building awareness around your brand name and vision.

Raise Funds

Get in front of the right investors to raise funds for your DeFi project with a well-executed DeFi marketing strategy.

Grow Adoption & TVL

With a proper DeFi marketing plan and exceptional execution, your project is bound to grow its adoption to new heights.

Our Approach

Propel Your DeFi Project To New Heights

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an unstoppable emergent financial system that provides anyone with an internet connection powerful financial tools without the need for any intermediaries. DeFi continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new iterations and services such as cross-chain swaps, yield farming, synthetic assets, and more. 

DeFi projects thrive on active users, and the competition for user funds is intense. In order for your DeFi project to succeed in this rapidly evolving market, you need a specialized DeFi marketing strategy that makes your project stand out from the crowd.

Use our unrivaled DeFi marketing experience to build a flourishing community of high-value investors, so that you can boost your project’s adoption to new heights. 

Why Use a DeFi Marketing Agency?


If you’re a builder in crypto, you know that DeFi is the future. This is why it’s critical to engrave your project in the DeFi industry now by utilizing the services of an experienced DeFi marketing agency. Effective DeFi marketing requires targeted DeFi industry knowledge and understanding of how projects actually build adoption and usage instead of just views and impressions. 

Our goal is to help your DeFi project gain adoption from high-value users that champion your project, so that you can build long-term brand awareness. Whether you want to start your new DeFi project off on the right foot, or market an existing DeFi project, an experienced DeFi marketing agency can help.

Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi increased substantially from only $10 billion at the start of 2020 to over $96 billion at peak in 2021.

Cement your project in the DeFi space and get a piece of the pie with a specialized DeFi marketing strategy.

Cumulative revenue on DeFi protocols surpassed $4.5 billion in March 2022.

An effective DeFi marketing strategy that enables your project to gain adoption from serious users not only grows your TVL but also your project’s revenue.

Did you know?

Cryptocurrency community management is often overlooked by Web3 projects, since it emphasizes retention over growth. In the DeFi world, your community has a huge impact on your project's success.

Launching a Web3 project?

Tokency offers a suite of Web3 advertising services, such as P2E social media marketing, NFT community building, and much more. Learn more about how we can help raise funds for your project.

A Deeper Dive

DeFi Marketing Services

DeFi Marketing Research

Position your DeFi project in the competitive landscape using extensive market research to pinpoint your ideal user profile.

DeFi Marketing Strategy

Our battle-tested DeFi marketing strategies ensure that your project keeps growing in usage and TVL.

DeFi Marketing Plan

Develop a proven DeFi marketing plan that leverages paid media, organic social media, and influencers.

DeFi Social Media Marketing

Market your DeFi project on crypto-friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to bolster brand awareness.

DeFi Community Management

Proper community moderation helps nurture a robust and active community to keep your DeFi project’s usage high.

DeFi Community Building

Actively build your project’s community to sustain growth and generate momentum both pre- and post-launch.

DeFi Website Design

Entice potential investors with an irresistible website design, UI, and UX that make your DeFi project more distinctive.

DeFi Influencer Marketing

Take advantage of our extensive network of vetted DeFi influencers and utilize our promotion service to gain user trust.

DeFi Paid Advertisement & SEO

Use SEO and paid ads to improve visibility for your DeFi project across social platforms and search engines.

Content Marketing

Leverage content marketing to build awareness and retain top-of-mind presence for your DeFi project with regular content updates.

Public Relations

Gain credibility among your project community and ensure the flow of trustworthy information to the public and investors.

Ongoing Support

You’ll receive full access to our team for support on all of your DeFi marketing inquiries and needs.

Why Choose Tokency?

Your Go-To DeFi Marketing Agency

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love our DeFi marketing services.

Non-binding month-to-month contracts

We're confident you'll be happy with Tokency’s DeFi marketing team, which is why we don’t lock you into a contract. Cancel whenever you’d like.

Unmatched DeFi marketing experience

Our DeFi marketing agency has successfully marketed and raised funds for several prominent DeFi projects. Put your trust in an experienced team to handle the promotion of your DeFi project.

Regular communication and check-ins

We offer monthly video conference calls to provide detailed results analysis and discuss gaps & opportunities to capitalize on.

Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on making our processes clear and transparent. You can trust us to get the results your DeFi project needs.

Actionable insights

We aim to provide you with insights that drive real action for what matters most - growth for your DeFi project.

Let’s Grow Your DeFi Project.

Turn your DeFi project into a blue chip with our DeFi marketing agency. Grow your TVL. Build an engaged user community. Cement brand awareness to attract serious investors.

Our Key Advantages

DeFi Marketing Done Right

Our DeFi marketing agency’s creative strategies can slingshot your project to new heights.

Proper DeFi Market Research

A well-researched DeFi marketing plan is what sets a blue chip project apart from the pack of projects that flop and die out.

Creative Marketing

DeFi demands a creative marketing approach to garner user investment. We use bespoke methods that attract the ideal audience for your DeFi project.

Build an Engaged Community

An active community is crucial not only for DeFi project governance, but also for sustained project adoption long after launch.

Grow Adoption & TVL

Become the household DeFi name for your blockchain network by focusing on what matters - adoption and TVL.

Long Term, Sustainable Growth

Our long-term marketing plan ensures sustained growth post-launch by using content marketing and strategic announcements.

Need a go-to market strategy?

Tokency can help your project gain momentum by crafting a tailored cryptocurrency marketing plan.

Stand Out In the Sea of DeFi Projects

DeFi projects compete for investor funds and adoption. We can help your project stand out with creative marketing, a clear and concise roadmap, and compelling web design. We then add paid and influencer marketing to the mix to blow the top off and bring you a steady stream of investors and adoption.

It’s crucial to stay on top of DeFi marketing trends to not only build hype and attract users at launch, but also to keep your users engaged so your TVL stays growing long after launch.

If you’re ready to grow your DeFi project with an expert DeFi advertising agency, we can help.

The average daily revenue of top DeFi protocols such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap is $8.8 million as of March 2022.

It pays to become a blue chip DeFi project. The more users and adoption your project gains, the more revenue from your project activity.

DeFi projects are receiving funding valued at millions of dollars. An example is Element Finance raising $32 million in late 2021.

The key to raising funding is our bespoke DeFi market research to position your project to high-value investors.

Did you know?

You can hire crypto influencers by leveraging Tokency's connections and expertise. Get in touch today for more information.

Struggling to grow an existing DeFi project?

If you feel your DeFi project has reached a plateau in growth, you might be interested in what our crypto SEO agency has to offer. Learn more about how we can help your project overcome stagnation.

What Our Customers Say


At Tokency, we strive to not only meet, but surpass your expectations – and we deliver every time. Have a look at what our clients have to say about our crypto marketing agency.

They were able to rank our website (DEX) for dozens of keywords on Google. We got a huge influx of users through organic traffic and are still growing today. Our team is really satisfied with Tokency. They're definitely one of the best crypto marketing agencies we've worked with.

Jonathan Hester

Our project was growing at a rapid pace and we desperately needed community management in our Discord. Tokency was able to provide us with 2 stellar community managers that knew exactly what they were doing, very quickly. Native English speakers too. Very impressed!

Boris Cottrell

We originally hopped on a call with them to discuss growth opportunities for our project. Based on the questions we were asked, we quickly noticed our marketing plan was not well thought out. Tokency rectified that by delivering a stellar marketing strategy document to our CMO. Great work!

Esme-Rose Rich

Tried out Tokency's influencer marketing services and I was really satisfied with the results. They were able to connect me with renowned figures in the space and they took a hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for influencers.

Scott Churchill

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Utilizing the services of a DeFi marketing company ensures your project successfully navigates the competitive DeFi marketplace. You and your team’s zone of genius are in developing and improving your project, so it’s more efficient to let us help your marketing gain more conversions with our proven growth strategies.

    This helps your project reach a level of real usage and adoption beyond just impressions, focusing instead on building a robust community of users so that your project’s ecosystem and TVL grow in value.

    Our agency also offers other services that may be of interest, such as SEO, social media management, NFT marketing, consulting, and more.

    You can certainly market your own DeFi project, in theory. However, getting the help of a DeFi marketing company allows you to maximize your resources and focus.

    Given all of the marketing-related tasks required to compete in today's DeFi landscape, it’s best to let a DeFi marketing company handle everything including organic social media, paid advertising, SEO, and community management.

    This leaves you and your team with more time to handle the critical aspects of protocol development and security. Plus, with a proper DeFi marketing plan, you can more easily raise funds from investors and users who are keen to actively use your project ecosystem and join your community.

    Yes, Tokency offers DeFi marketing consulting services. If you do not already have an existing marketing plan in place for your DeFi project or need to refine an existing one, book an appointment to speak with one of our DeFi marketing consultants.

    We are not a one size fits all DeFi marketing agency. Our DeFi marketing services are bespoke to your DeFi project’s specific needs. We work with you to create a customized package according to your budget, goals, and objectives.

    DeFi is a fast-evolving landscape. We can help you navigate the complex industry and distinguish your project so that you can use our proven growth strategies to focus on what matters - to grow your DeFi project’s adoption.

    Tokency is your go-to crypto advertising agency. Ready to grow your project? Book a call today.

    Your project’s DeFi marketing strategy will be tailored to your unique requirements such as your project’s strategic goals, vision, and needs. Make sure to book a call today so that we can discuss a custom package for your project.

    Yes, we can help DeFi projects grow across all networks including popular ones such as the Ethereum network, Binance Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and others.

    No, we work with non-binding month-to-month contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re satisfied with the results. You are not locked into a longer-term contract and can choose to opt-out or leave whenever you like.

    If you’re ready to work with a DeFi marketing agency, schedule a call with us to get started.