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Work with Tokency, sell out your NFT project.

Create an NFT Marketing Plan

Get a battle-tested NFT marketing plan that makes your project stand out from the crowd.

Build an NFT Community

Build a community of like-minded, serious investors for your project to cement your presence in the space.

Advertise Your NFT

Combining NFT influencers with social media advertising guarantees your project’s success.

Sell Out

With a proper NFT marketing plan, a strong community, and exceptional execution, your project is bound for a sell-out.

Our Approach

Take Your NFT Project to the Next Level

Whether you’re launching a new NFT project or marketing an existing one, you need an NFT marketing strategy that makes you stand out and attracts the right investors in this ever-growing Web3 market. 

Utilize our unmatched NFT marketing experience to build a die-hard community of investors and take your project to new heights.

Why does your project need an NFT marketing agency?

Marketing as a whole is crucial in ensuring a successful NFT launch. Without a proper NFT marketing plan in place, it is extremely difficult to generate impressions for your project.

This then begs the question: can’t I market my own NFT project? The simple answer is that you definitely can, but it is easier said than done. Between organic social media, paid advertising, managing NFT influencer marketing, content creation, and SEO, all while dealing with other aspects such as website and smart contract development, artwork, community management, and community growth, it slowly becomes evident that having an NFT marketing agency on board would be a huge asset for your project.

The top five largest NFT projects have each exceeded $1 billion worth of sales.

NFTs are a fast emerging market and standing out with a proper NFT marketing strategy can pay off tremendously.

The NFT market alone is worth an estimated $3 billion.

Engrave your project in the NFT space by utilizing our proven NFT marketing techniques.

Did you know?

Our crypto influencer marketing agency boasts an extensive network of key ecosystem figures that can take your project to the next level. Learn more about our influencer services today.

Launching a Web3 project?

Tokency offers a suite of solutions tailored to your needs, such as Web3 marketing consulting, content marketing, DeFi marketing, and much more.

A Deeper Dive

NFT Marketing Services

NFT Marketing Research

A proper NFT launch starts with extensive market research that pinpoints your ideal investor profile.

NFT Marketing Strategy

Our proven NFT marketing strategies ensure that your project thrives in this saturated market.

NFT Marketing Plan

Develop a concrete NFT marketing plan that leverages organic social media, influencers, paid media, and more.

NFT Social Media Marketing

Market your NFT project on crypto-friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to build hype.

NFT Community Management

We boost user retention and keep your community engaged by moderating interactions and questions from your users.

NFT Community Building

Actively build your NFT community, sustain growth, and generate momentum pre- and post-launch.

NFT Website Design

Increase potential investors with an amazing website design, UI, and UX that make your project unforgettable.

NFT Influencer Marketing

Take advantage of our NFT promotion service and utilize our network of vetted NFT influencers to build investor trust.

NFT Paid Advertisement

Add NFT Twitter ads to the mix to increase visibility across social platforms and search engines.

Conversion Optimization

Turn more visitors into investors by optimizing your content, design, and UI/UX for conversions.

Artistic Touch

We provide feedback on your NFT artwork, which is a vital factor for your project’s success.

Ongoing Support

You’ll receive full access to our team for support on all of your NFT marketing inquiries and needs.

Why Choose Tokency?

Your Go-To NFT Marketing Agency

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love our NFT marketing services.

Non-binding month-to-month contracts

We're confident you'll be happy with Tokency’s NFT marketing team, which is why we don’t lock you into a contract. Cancel whenever.

Unmatched NFT Marketing Experience

Our NFT marketing company has successfully marketed and sold out multiple NFT projects. Put your trust in a highly skilled team to handle your NFT promotion.

Regular communication and check-ins

We offer monthly video conference calls to provide detailed results analysis and discuss gaps & opportunities to capitalize on.

Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on making our processes clear and transparent. You can trust us to get the results your crypto company needs.

Actionable insights

We aim to provide you with insights that drive real action for what matters most - growth for your crypto product.

Let’s Grow Your NFT Project.

Take your project to the next level with our NFT marketing agency. Build an audience. Build your community. Build a brand that will attract serious investors to your project.

Our Key Advantages

NFT Marketing Done Right

Our NFT marketing company’s creative strategies can take your project to new heights.

Proper NFT Market Research

A well-researched NFT marketing plan makes the difference between a project that flops vs. a blue chip NFT.

Creative Marketing

Web3 marketing requires a creative approach. We utilize bespoke methods that captivate the right audience for your NFT project.

Build an Active Community

Community is everything in Web3. Build an active and engaged community through our innovative NFT marketing techniques.

Fill Up Your Whitelist

Become the project that NFT enthusiasts gravitate towards, allowing you to fill up your whitelist with investors that are more than willing to mint.

Secondary Market Growth

Our long-term marketing plan ensures you remain relevant post-launch by utilizing strategic and well-timed announcements, partnerships, and content marketing.

Need a go-to market strategy?

Our blockchain marketing company can help your project gain momentum by crafting a tailored crypto content strategy.

Interested in advertising on Twitter?

Grow your project even further with NFT Twitter ads. We'll get your ad account licensed and manage your NFT ads for you.

State Of The Art Marketing

The NFT industry is evolving every day, which is why devising new marketing strategies is crucial to keeping your NFT project thriving. If you’re ready to grow your NFT project with an expert NFT advertising agency, we can help.

23% of millennials in the US collect NFTs.

This percentage will keep growing. Knowing your target audience will help your NFT project capture priceless market share.

Nearly $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on NFT marketplaces in 2021 alone.

The NFT industry is growing exponentially. Refine your NFT marketing strategy to get your piece of the pie.

Did you know?

Our blockchain SEO agency can help your project rank first on Google for relevant search terms and increase your organic traffic. Get in touch with Tokency for more information.

Is your team building a P2E game?

Our P2E marketing consultants can help your team navigate the P2E space and grow your playerbase.

What Our Customers Say


At Tokency, we strive to not only meet, but surpass your expectations – and we deliver every time. Have a look at what our clients have to say about our crypto marketing agency.

They were able to rank our website (DEX) for dozens of keywords on Google. We got a huge influx of users through organic traffic and are still growing today. Our team is really satisfied with Tokency. They're definitely one of the best crypto marketing agencies we've worked with.

Jonathan Hester

Our project was growing at a rapid pace and we desperately needed community management in our Discord. Tokency was able to provide us with 2 stellar community managers that knew exactly what they were doing, very quickly. Native English speakers too. Very impressed!

Boris Cottrell

We originally hopped on a call with them to discuss growth opportunities for our project. Based on the questions we were asked, we quickly noticed our marketing plan was not well thought out. Tokency rectified that by delivering a stellar marketing strategy document to our CMO. Great work!

Esme-Rose Rich

Tried out Tokency's influencer marketing services and I was really satisfied with the results. They were able to connect me with renowned figures in the space and they took a hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for influencers.

Scott Churchill

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    You can rest assured you and your crypto brand are in good hands. We’re partnered and certified to work with the top paid media and search providers to bring your crypto product world-class results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Partnering with an NFT marketing company can significantly boost interest in your project. Attract more investors, fill up your whitelist, and build hype around your NFT with Tokency. With our long-term NFT marketing solutions, we can help you to build a proud community and keep volume growing in secondary markets.

    Our agency also offers other services that your team might be interested in, such as SEO, influencers, and consulting. We can also provide a crypto social media manager for your project if needed.

    In theory, you can definitely market your own NFT project; however, there are a few things you should consider, such as the size of your team, each team member’s role, project budget, time requirements, and more.

    Considering all the tasks required to successfully launch an NFT project (social media, paid ads, content marketing, search engine optimization, web development, smart contract development, community moderation, community building, and more), outsourcing to an NFT marketing company allows you to focus on what you do best. Leverage Tokency’s NFT marketing services to successfully raise funds for your project.

    Yes, Tokency offers NFT marketing consulting services. If you do not already have an existing marketing plan in place for your NFT or need to refine an existing one, book an appointment to speak with one of our NFT marketing consultants.

    We’re not a one size fits all NFT marketing agency. Our NFT marketing services are tailored to your NFT project's specific needs. We work with you to create a customized package based on your budget, goals, and objectives.

    Throughout this fast-evolving market, we have built a highly skilled NFT marketing team that utilizes innovative growth strategies with one sole purpose: to raise funds for your NFT project.

    We provide customized NFT marketing services to fit your NFT project’s strategic goals, vision, and needs. Book a call today so we can create a custom package for your project.

    No, we work with non-binding month-to-month contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re satisfied with the results. You are not locked into a longer-term contract and can choose to opt out or leave whenever.

    If you’re ready to work with an NFT marketing agency, schedule a call with us to get started.