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Our Web3 marketing agency helps projects gain adoption and go viral.

Create a Web3 Marketing Plan

Position yourself powerfully in the rapidly developing Web3 space with a tailor-made Web3 marketing plan.

Advertise & Generate Hype

Focused paid advertising combined with Web3 influencer marketing ensures your project creates a buzz.

Build Brand Awareness

Ensure the success of your Web3 project long-term by building trust and awareness around your brand name.

Raise Funds

Get attention from investors to raise funds for your Web3 project with an expertly executed Web3 marketing strategy.

Our Approach

Launch Your Web3 Project To New Heights

If you’re venturing into the world of Web3 marketing, you need a proven marketing strategy to stand out and compete for user adoption in this rapidly developing market.

Our agency’s specialized Web3 marketing strategies can make your project stand out to high-value users and investors alike. We can help you create highly successful marketing campaigns to catapult your project to unseen heights.

Why Use a Web3 Marketing Agency?

Web3 is the latest and next generation of the Internet focused on creating a decentralized infrastructure that puts the power in the hands of individuals. Users are becoming increasingly interconnected through virtual interfaces that allow them to interact in new shapes and forms. Web3 will revolutionize businesses, society, and user experiences.

Get your piece of the pie by engraving your project in the Web3 industry now by utilizing the services of an experienced Web3 marketing company. Effective Web3 marketing requires not only industry knowledge, but also an understanding of how Web3 projects build real connections with their users instead of just hype.

As a specialized Web3 advertising agency, we are at the forefront of this new marketing era. We leverage battle-tested marketing tactics to help your Web3 project gain adoption from high-value users and can build brand awareness.

The global Web3 market is expected to reach a market size of $81.5 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 43.7%.

Cement your project in the Web3 space and get a piece of the pie with a specialized Web3 marketing strategy.

Over half of American consumers (54%) have still not heard of the term “Web3.”

An effective Web3 marketing strategy enables your project to both educate and gain adoption from serious users, in turn taking a larger piece of market share as more consumers come to Web3.

Did you know?

Your team can leverage Tokency's large network of TikTok crypto influencers to generate demand for your project. Ask one of our experts about our influencer marketing services.

A Deeper Dive

Web3 Marketing Services

Web3 Marketing Research

Position your Web3 project in the competitive landscape with comprehensive market research. Pinpoint your ideal user profile.

Web3 Marketing Strategy

Our tried and tested Web3 marketing strategies ensure that your project keeps thriving post-launch.

Web3 Marketing Plan

Develop a proven Web3 marketing plan that leverages a combination of paid media, organic social media, and influencers.

Web3 Social Media Marketing

Market your Web3 project on crypto-friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to boost brand awareness.

Web3 Community Management

Our community management service helps your project nurture an active community that keeps your Web3 ecosystem humming along.

Web3 Community Building

Actively build your project’s user base to generate further momentum and slingshot your project to new heights.

Web3 Website Design

Entice potential investors with an extraordinary website design, UI, and UX that make your Web3 project more distinctive.

Web3 Influencer Marketing

Leverage our extensive network of vetted Web3 influencers and utilize our promotion service to gain user trust.

Web3 Paid Advertisement & SEO

Use SEO and paid ads to improve visibility for your Web3 project across social platforms and search engines.

Content Marketing

Build brand awareness & educate Web3 investors about your project with highly engaging & regularly scheduled content.

Public Relations

Gain credibility among the broader Web3 community with high-quality press releases and a comprehensive communication strategy.

Ongoing Support

You’ll receive full access to our team for support on all of your Web3 marketing inquiries and needs.

Why Choose Tokency?

Your Go-To Web3 Marketing Agency

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love our Web3 marketing services.

Non-binding month-to-month contracts

We're confident you'll be happy with Tokency’s Web3 marketing team, which is why we don’t lock you into a contract. Cancel whenever you’d like.

Unmatched Web3 marketing experience

Our Web3 marketing agency has successfully marketed and helped raise funds for several Web3 projects. Put your trust in an experienced team to handle the promotion of your project.

Regular communication and check-ins

We offer monthly video conference calls to provide detailed results analysis and discuss gaps & opportunities to capitalize on.

Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on making our processes clear and transparent. You can trust us to get the results your Web3 project needs.

Actionable insights

We aim to provide you with insights that drive real action for what matters most - growth for your Web3 project.

Position Your Web3 Project For Success.

Turn your Web3 project’s goals into reality with the support of our Web3 marketing agency. Take advantage of a rapidly growing market. Build trust and mass adoption from your ideal customer base. Engrave brand awareness and raise capital.

Our Key Advantages

Web3 Marketing Done Right

Our Web3 marketing agency’s growth strategies will catapult your project to new heights.

Proper Web3 Market Research

A well-researched Web3 marketing plan is what correctly positions your project in this competitive market.

Creative Marketing

Web3 marketing requires a more creative, involved, and bespoke approach to gain adoption from your ideal users.

Build a Loyal Following

A strong community can champion your Web3 project and lead to sustained ecosystem activity long after launch.

Grow User Adoption

Become the household Web3 name on your network by focusing on what matters - user growth.

Long-Term, Sustainable Growth

Our long-term marketing plan creates sustained growth for your Web3 project by leveraging organic and paid marketing tactics.

Need a go-to market strategy?

Our crypto marketing consultants can help your team navigate the space and make your project go viral.

Separate Your Web3 Project From the Pack

Web3 projects must clearly showcase their innovative advantages both to investors and users. Our Web3 marketing experts excel at helping your project come out on top with data-driven marketing tactics to convert attention to real adoption.

We are constantly testing, refining, and optimizing our strategies as well as keeping up to date with the latest Web3 marketing trends to ensure your project’s success.

If you’re ready to grow your Web3 company with an expert Web3 advertising agency, we can help.

The term “Web3” is already getting nearly 200,000 Google searches per month.

It pays to cement your Web3 project in the space as the industry keeps growing.

Over 400 Web3 companies have raised over $4.5 billion in funding so far.

The key to raising funds is our bespoke Web3 marketing that aligns your project with high-value investors.

Did you know?

At Tokency, each cryptocurrency community manager is vetted, well-spoken, and can properly handle all user inquiries. Reach out for more info.

Is your team launching an NFT project?

Our NFT advertising agency can help sell out your project. Make sure to reach out for more info regarding our crypto marketing services.

What Our Customers Say


At Tokency, we strive to not only meet, but surpass your expectations – and we deliver every time. Have a look at what our clients have to say about our crypto marketing agency.

They were able to rank our website (DEX) for dozens of keywords on Google. We got a huge influx of users through organic traffic and are still growing today. Our team is really satisfied with Tokency. They're definitely one of the best crypto marketing agencies we've worked with.

Jonathan Hester

Our project was growing at a rapid pace and we desperately needed community management in our Discord. Tokency was able to provide us with 2 stellar community managers that knew exactly what they were doing, very quickly. Native English speakers too. Very impressed!

Boris Cottrell

We originally hopped on a call with them to discuss growth opportunities for our project. Based on the questions we were asked, we quickly noticed our marketing plan was not well thought out. Tokency rectified that by delivering a stellar marketing strategy document to our CMO. Great work!

Esme-Rose Rich

Tried out Tokency's influencer marketing services and I was really satisfied with the results. They were able to connect me with renowned figures in the space and they took a hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for influencers.

Scott Churchill

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    You can rest assured you and your crypto brand are in good hands. We’re partnered and certified to work with the top paid media and search providers to bring your crypto product world-class results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Investing in Web3 marketing services ensures your Web3 project successfully navigates the rapidly growing Web3 space.

    It’s important to have deep industry knowledge of Web3 marketing trends as well as an understanding of how Web3 projects build real adoption instead of vanity metrics, such as views and likes. You and your team’s time should instead be spent developing and improving your product. Let our team of Web3 marketing experts help your project gain adoption from serious users.

    Note that Tokency offers a wide array of services, such as SEO, social media, consulting, P2E marketing strategy curation, and more.

    You can certainly market your own Web3 project, in theory. However, getting the help of a specialized Web3 marketing company allows you to maximize your focus. It also helps you avoid costly advertising blunders, using outdated tactics, and sets your project up for long-term success.

    As the Web3 market grows, the number of marketing-related tasks required to stand out among the noise will increase, so it’s best to let a specialized Web3 marketing company handle everything to help your project grow - including organic social media, paid advertising, SEO, and community management.

    This leaves your team with more time to handle the critical aspects of project development. Plus, a proper Web3 marketing plan helps you raise funds from investors who are hungry to deploy capital in this growing niche.

    Yes, Tokency offers Web3 marketing consulting services. If you do not already have an existing marketing plan in place for your Web3 project or need to refine an existing one, book an appointment to speak with one of our Web3 marketing consultants.

    Our DeFi marketing company is always available to answer all your decentralized finance inquiries. Reach out anytime.

    We are not a one size fits all Web3 marketing agency. Our Web3 marketing services are tailored to your project’s specific needs. We work with you to create a customized package according to your budget, goals, and objectives.

    Web3 is a fast-evolving landscape. We can help you navigate the complex industry and distinguish your project so that you can use our proven growth strategies to focus on what truly matters - growing your user base.

    Your project’s Web3 marketing strategy will be tailored to your project’s unique requirements such as your strategic goals, vision, and needs. Please book a call today so that we can discuss a custom solution for your project.

    Yes, we can help Web3 projects gain adoption across all networks including popular ones such as the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, as well as others.

    No, we work with non-binding month-to-month contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re satisfied with the results. You are not locked into a longer-term contract and can choose to opt-out or leave whenever you like.

    There is no one size fits all answer to this question, and different marketing techniques may be required in a different sequence according to a holistic strategy.

    The best way to market your project depends on your specific objectives and your target audience. After an in-depth consultation, our specialized Web3 marketing team will craft a battle-tested strategy and utilize the optimal marketing channels to get your project in front of the right users.

    Our crypto SEO company will make sure that your website ranks for multiple high-intent search terms across the popular search engines. This helps you generate consistent organic traffic, and in turn, new eyes on a daily basis.

    The timeframe to see results depends on the objectives of your specific Web3 project. Our team will work with you to develop an achievable timeline for your Web3 promotion efforts.

    If you’re ready to work with a Web3 marketing agency, schedule a call with us to get started.